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Preity Zinta Kissing Yuvraj Singh

Being a celebrity is not as rosy as you look from the outset. You have to pay a huge prize for name and fame. Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is one of the victims. She has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since crack appeared on her long-time relationship with Ness Wadia. Now, she has been linked with her captain Yuvraj Singh.

It looks like the hugs after every match did the trick. Yuvraj used to be the first person to receive warm hugs from Preity, every time Kings XI Punjab won a match in the last leg of the Indian Premiere League (IPL). Yuvraj deserved them first being the captain of the team but their chemistry off the field has caught the eyes of the rumourmongers. It may be recalled that Preity and Ness, who co-own the Kings XI, never appeared together in the last IPL.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Yuvraj has bought a rooftop apartment in Mumbai, which is just a hug away from Preity Zinta’s home. They are said to have grown closer after Preity announced her split with her long-time boyfriend Ness Wadia. Yuvraj too has experienced his share of heartbreaks with his relationships not working out the way he wanted. He was earlier linked to Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone.

Preity and Yuvraj look good together. As both of them are single now, nobody can stop them from mingling. Give them space!

Let’s have a look at the celebrity couples who have split recently.

Preity Zinta And Ness WadiaPreity Zinta and Ness Wadia: Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia have apparently called it quits as a couple though they continue to be together in their professional ventures which include ownership of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab. The actress was sans Ness at the Filmfare awards function.

Salman Khan And Katrina KaifSalman Khan and Katrina Kaif: According to rumours mills, Salman Khan has decided to say goodbye to Katrina. The reason is he just can’t dominate his ladylove’s life. Katrina however wants to make this relationship work.

Dino Morea And Lara DuttaDino Morea and Lara Dutta: Ex flame of Dino Morea, Nandita Mahtani’s hovering presence around the actor apparently drove Lara Dutta and him apart. So sad! The love birds had just started cooing.

Adnan And SabahAdnan and Sabah: They broke up and reunited after Adnan lost a considerable weight. But it seems, their marriage was not meant to be. The two fought and washed their dirty linen in public and are not a couple anymore.

Last but not the least!

Mona Singh And Karan OberoiEven Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi who had announced their marriage plans from the rooftops have called off their five-year-old relationship. The couple split a few months ago, but have been rather discreet about it. Only their close friends and relatives know about it.

Shilpa ShettyStories of the two IPL queens battling it out on the playing field and on television came to a sudden turning point this week when Shilpa Shetty extended an olive branch to her supposed rival in the IPL Preity Zinta.

Shilpa and Raj Kundra are hosting a grand party to celebrate their entry into the IPL March 10 at the Grand Hyatt.

And Preity is invited. Shilpa said: “I really want these unsavoury rumours about our rivalry to end. On an impulse I sent an SMS to Preity inviting her for the party that Raj and I are hosting.”

Shilpa was pleasantly surprised when Preity replied back. “She said she’d love to come. But can’t because she’d be out of town. I think that just about takes care of that. I’m sure we’ll have other occasions to interact. For now it’s enough that she accepted my invitation.”

Shilpa thinks these rivalry stories are unnecessary. “We’re both decent well brought-up girls. We were even together in the Bachchans’ world tour. And we got along fine. We don’t need to be seen as these warring women at all, please.”

About the party Shilpa said: “It’s been a while since Raj and I had friends share in our happiness. The IPL deal is a good occasion to have a get-together. We’re inviting all our friends.”


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