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Kambakkht Ishq – Movie Review (vulgar, offensive)

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Kareena Kapoor And Akshay kumar Kissing Seen In Kambakkht IshqHow you like Kambakkht Ishq is directly proportional to how low your standards have dropped. This battle-of-the-sexes saga with Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor is a very, very offensive and vulgar film that was made at a price of Rs 60 crore. In a lot of money could feed a hungry nation. And you will be blessed for that.

I’m not saying that manufacturers Kambakkht Ishq have nothing to spend so much money. I am simply saying, if you need to spend Rs 60 crore, the least you can do is give us a good movie.

Akshay Kumar Viraj Shergill plays a Hollywood stuntman who beds a large daily, but likes his lifestyle too Bachelor resolve anything for the permanent. He meets his match Kareena Kapoor who plays Simrita Rai, a medical student-cum-model part time, who hates the sight of men, believe they are only interested in women for sex. The two of them at their best friends decide clash of air, but things take an unexpected turn when – believe it or not – Simrita accidentally loses his musical Viraj look inside his body during a surgery on him. Mortified that she could be prosecuted for negligence, it must find a way to bring them back to the operating table so that it can recover the clock. He, on the other hand, can not understand why his ears keep ringing musical with a song at a time.

Watching Kambakkht Ishq, you know you can not apply the logic of a film like this. There are dozens of questions that have no answers – which allowed him to keep his attention in the exercise of surgery? What type of battery is running on this watch for it to break into the music every hour in the stomach of a man? What kind of stunt can not afford a luxurious condo overlooking the sea? Where in the world can you expect to find Sylvester Stallone is hiding in the aisles waiting to rescue the hapless girls?

I could go on until tomorrow.

The problem with this film is that it is in the grip of logic gaps. The one you are even willing to overlook, according to the nature of the film crazy. What is inexcusable is the constant gross ton of film. So even if a scene in which a large black woman customs officer déchire virtually Akshay back in search of drugs could make you laugh, which is not very funny is a scene where Akshay farts to Amrita Arora for the face for no reason. It’s just sick.

I do not see the humor in Akshay and Kareena referring to each other as “dog” and “bitch” repeatedly, and believe me, these are some of the milder profanities they use in the film . In addition, there are countless references to sex, virginity and homosexuality, and to be honest many of them are simply not funny. Like the scene in which Kareena Akshay trying to put up with a girl because she was his aversion to men quite obvious. Kareena meets when she is not interested in sleeping with a man or a woman, is ecstatic to Akshay the mystery, he believes it is just resolved – “Lady, you are a virgin,” he his taunts.

What’s so funny, you ask.

I should add here that slapping a woman is evil, and using what comedy is clearly offensive. In scenes more than one, Akshay Kumar physical abuse of female characters – including one in which he slaps Amrita Arora on his face four times. I do not care Amrita Arora who probably deserves some sort of punishment for his poor play, but I’m sorry Akshay, real men do not raise their hands on women. Even as a joke.

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